05/28/2014 | Webnews

Demonstration of the LEWA EcoPrime® at NIBRT in Dublin

At the „National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training“ (NIBRT) in Dublin, a LEWA EcoPrime chromatography system is installed in a GMP environment until June 6. The capability of the system is demonstrated with simulated production runs. The NIBRT in Dublin was founded by stakeholders in the Irish government, industry and academia to support and promote the development of biopharmaceutical industry. Tasks of the institute are among others personnel training, laboratory validation and process de-bottlenecking. From May 19 to June 6, a LEWA EcoPrime chromatography system is...
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05/23/2014 | Webnews

LEWA at pharma fair “Vision Pharma“

From June 3 to June 5, 2014, the annual pharma fair “Vision Pharma” will take place at the exhibition site in Stuttgart/Germany for the first time. LEWA will be present there again. Apart from a classic fair stand, LEWA will inform visitors with a lecture and a daily product presentation about its innovations. The fair “Vision Pharma” deals with the processing and production of pharmaceutical products. In June 2014, it will take place in Stuttgart for the first time instead of in Karlsruhe as previously. LEWA will be present with an exhibition stand (stand number E.04) at the fair. For...
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05/20/2014 | Webnews

LEWA offers testing system for metering of blowing agents

LEWA ecofoam is a compact build and hermetically tight system for metering of blowing agents in the production of foamed plastics in combination with extruders. Now, interested parties can rent a LEWA ecofoam system for testing. The system works with many different blowing agents. In an extrusion process of plastics, different blowing agents are metered. LEWA ecofoam allows exact metering settings. It facilitates quick and direct linkage between metering system and extruder. The metered flow of the blowing agent is controlled relative to the extruder output. The system has already been used...
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05/06/2014 | Pressrelease

Lewa GmbH contracts an international cooperation with BP`s Global Projects Organisation

Lewa GmbH have been awarded a five year global framework agreement with BP to supply Chemical Injection Packages for BP's Global Projects Organisation. This framework agreement enables BP’s Global project teams (including their EPMS/EPC contractors) to access Lewa GmbH international resources to supply Chemical Injection Packages. Lewa GmbH have demonstrated technical and commercial capabilities that increase product quality, reliability and drive standardisation within the Process Packaged Equipment category.
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04/03/2014 | Pressrelease

Market leader in the process diaphragm pump segment receives largest order in the company's history

Lewa GmbH supplies a major gas project in the Arabian Gulf For development of two huge offshore gas fields in the Arabian Gulf, 40 process diaphragm pumps were ordered from the German company Lewa GmbH. The order, valued at about 30 million Euros, is the largest to date in the history of the company. Once the project is completed on schedule in 2015, the Gulf facility will be the largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia: It will be capable of processing 70 million m³ of ethane, propane, butane, and natural gas per day from the two offshore fields, producing about 50 million m³ of market-ready...
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03/31/2014 | Webnews

Record-breaking order: LEWA supplies major gas project in the Persian Gulf

A plan for the development of two huge offshore gas fields in the Persian Gulf bestows LEWA with the largest order in the history of the company. 40 process diaphragm pumps with skids will be in-stalled on 13 wellhead and two tie-in platforms (drilling and conveyor platforms). The order volume amounts to about 30 million Euros. After its completion in 2015 the facility will be capable of processing 70 million m³ of ethane, pro-pane, butane, and natural gas per day from the two offshore fields, producing about 50 million m³ of market-ready gas. The potential for demand peaks or in extreme...
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03/24/2014 | Webnews

LEWA becomes main sponsor of local sports club TSV Eltingen

LEWA is the new main sponsor of local sports club TSV 1894 Eltingen e.V., and therewith makes a clear commitment to the Leonberg site. The agreement was sealed in March. The cooperation aims at strengthening local sports activities, especially non-professional soccer. In total, the club will receive a high five digit Euro amount over the next four years. The youth soccer teams of TSV Eltingen will receive a large portion of this money. At the moment there are 13 teams with about 327 youths in various age classes. In return, TSV Eltingen will rename its club facilities to LEWA Sportpark and...
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03/11/2014 | Webnews

LEWA in-house exhibition in Switzerland: solutions for pharmaceuti-cal, life science, and chemical industries

For years LEWA has been a reliable manufacturer of tailor-made metering systems for various industries. This year’s in-house exhibition at LEWA Pumpen AG in Reinach focuses on solutions for pharmaceutical, life science, and chemical industries. On Thursday, March 27, 2014, the Swiss subsidiary pre-sents a vast range of products that offer process safety, efficiency, and hygienic design. The event also provides the opportunity to talk to LEWA experts about possible solutions and the development of new customer processes. Date: Thursday, March 27, 2014Start: 10:00 hrs.End: 17:00 hrs.Location:...
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02/13/2014 | Webnews

Finnish gas producer chooses LEWA oxygen odorization system

Oy Woikoski Ab is a Finnish gas producer and a frontrunner in supplying gases for industrial applications. Woikoski supplies a large selection of highly refined, e.g. basic gases, various gas mixtures, liquefied gases, dry ice, gases for the food industry, and medical gases. A new LEWA odorization system was installed into Woikoski’s Pirkkala facility, which allows the company to produce odorized oxygen. Odorized gas facilitates easy and affordable leak investigation in a gas system. Otherwise the detection of odorless gases is difficult without separate and costly sensors and measuring...
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02/02/2014 | Pressrelease

Qatar relies on a flexible choice of fuels

New triplex pump drive unit will also power natural gas tankers with LNG in the future Highly poisonous heavy oil, a waste product of petroleum refineries, is still blown through the funnels of tankers into the air without being filtered. To reduce the burden on the environment, especially near the coast, while being able to react better to price fluctuations, Qatar wants to arrange the future operation of its entire LNG fleet on a flexible basis. The dual-fuel engines that MAN Diesel & Turbo developed for this purpose can optionally be operated with heavy oil or with the liquefied...
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01/14/2014 | Webnews

LEWA develops new triplex drive unit

More flexibility, less damage to the environment, and improved reaction to price fluctuations: In the future, Qatar’s tanker fleet will rely on dual-fuel engines which either run on heavy oil or liquefied natural gas. To do this, the boil-off gases are reliquefied under high pressure and injected into the ship's engine. Since ships are always operating and only brought into dry dock for maintenance once in five years, the high-performance pumps used for this purpose must be extremely robust and temperature-resistant. One of the favorites for the supply of these high-performance pumps is...
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11/18/2013 | Webnews

LEWA supports charity concert with German rock star Heinz Rudolf Kunze

As part of his 2013 live tour („Hier rein und da raus“) German rock musician Heinz Rudolf Kunze will play a charity concert with his band Räuberzivil. The entire proceeds go to a hospice in Leonberg. LEWA helps the good cause and raffles off tickets to the show to its employees.
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11/11/2013 | Webnews

Youth music award 2013 goes to concert flutist

For thirty years the booster club of the youth music award Leonberg has been honoring the winners of the national music competition “Jugend musiziert” in order to support young gifted musicians. LEWA has supported the award since 1984. This year the “Leonberg Orpheus” (Leonberger Orpheus) went to concert flutist Nina Walther from Hemmingen. After 27 years under the patronage of the municipality the prize has been awarded by the people of Leonberg for the third time. On the occasion of the ceremony, the traditional concert of award winner and the youth orchestra of Baden-Württemberg took...
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10/10/2013 | Webnews

LEWA supports ecological awareness campaign

Every human being leaves a so called ecological footprint. It represents the amount of biologically productive land necessary to permanently maintain the life style and standard of living of one human. According to recent estimates, every human is entitled to 1.4 – 1.8 ha. The problem is, however, that the demand of highly industrialized countries exceeds this figure many times over. The people of the European Union, for example, need about 4.7 ha per capita. This, of course, leads to an uneven distribution of natural resources. The awareness for this type of problem needs to be raised early...
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09/16/2013 | Webnews

LEWA intellilab: Newly developed diaphragm pump for micro-flow metering in high-pressure laboratories

For metering tasks in high-pressure laboratories, the highest of precision when conveying defined quantities of material is a must. Piston pumps can withstand the high pressure, but they inherently leak. If hazardous substances have to be metered, the pump has to be airtight in order to avoid problems and guarantee exact upscaling. To address this problem, LEWA has designed the intellilab, a hermetically sealed high pressure small quantity metering pump with mechatronic control for pressures up to 500 bar. LEWA has renewed the technology of the proven predecessors K3 and K5. The reliable pump...
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