Air -operated double diaphragm pump offers savings due to robust construction and optimum design

Air-operated pumps differ from other conveying technologies with a number of advantages. For example, they do not need electricity. Beginning in September 2014, for the first time Lewa GmbH will offer its own product line which is characterized by a long lifetime, fail-safety, cost-effectiveness, and servicefriendliness. Even shear sensitive media can be conveyed without problems using Airflow pumps. They are completely immersible with no restrictions on safety or performance. The pump stops on its own when the maximum pressure is reached – for example due to a closed slide valve. In comparison with other types of pump, these need significantly less safety system installation.

Among the special features of air-operated double diaphragm pumps is their wide range of performance, service-friendliness, and unmatched flexibility in installation and applications. Airflow pumps are capable of conveying a variety of fluid materials – even with a solids component – and aggressive or viscous media. During the suction cycle, compressed air fills the inner left chamber, which causes suction in the opposite diaphragm. The lower ball valve lifts up and fluid is pulled to the intake. During the discharge cycle, the compressed air fills the right inner chamber, opening the upper ball valve through which the fluid exits. The largest 3" pump can convey a maximum of 1033 L/min, and viscosities as high as 50,000 mPas are possible. The permissible temperature range is from -40 °C to 177 °C.

The sealless design doesn't just allow expensive mechanical seals to be completely eliminated, but also helps minimize downtime. Since compressed air diaphragm pumps can also run dry without any damage or danger, and are both self-priming and completely immersible, they have a very wide variety of applications: They are used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the waste and disposal industry, the paint and lacquer industry, ceramics production, and the paper and cellulose industry. In addition, custom variants are available for the pharmaceutical and food industries, high-pressure pumps up to 16.5 bar conveying pressure, and ATEX-compliant configurations.

The patented air distribution system can lead to air savings of up to 50 percent. Unique robust diaphragm designs and materials increase the pump's service life and lower its lifetime cost. Airflow pumps can be permanently mounted in the process installation or used on a mobile basis. Upgrades can also be done cost-effectively when needed. They work reliably, with high performance, and are operationally safe in both on and off modes. Due to their low number of replacement parts, these pumps are very service-friendly. Specialists in different countries can also provide individual applications consulting.

The Airflow pump series will be available as of September, 2014, in France, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Singapore.