Fast and safe purification of biopharmaceuticals in the GMP field with LEWA EcoPrime

In modern process chromatography, the requirements of precision, quality, and reproducibility are strictly regulated. The LEWA EcoPrime is a low-pressure chromatography system which enhances batch-to-batch reproducibility in GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and the yield of the product significantly.

The system includes LEWA pumps with innovative servo drive, which is registered for patent approval. Including this technology, EcoPrime offers an adjustment range of 1:150 or more. A precise flow control from 0.03 to 60 liters per minute is possible. LEWA EcoPrime realizes low-pulsation flow rates and has a low holdup volume.

Previous year, LEWA concluded a license agreement with ChromaCon AG to extend the EcoPrime batch chromatography platform. This applies to the use of Capture SMB technology, among others, at pilot and GMP scale for continuous purification. The agreement allows various process principles such as batch or multi-column chromatography, Capture SMB, and MCSGP process principles to be undertaken with the same system platform.

At ACHEMA, our LEWA expert team is available to discuss our products or to answer your questions. We can be found in hall 8.0, stand C62 over the exhibitions’ entire duration from June 15 to 19, 2015. We are looking forward to your visit!