Finnish gas producer chooses LEWA oxygen odorization system

Oy Woikoski Ab is a Finnish gas producer and a frontrunner in supplying gases for industrial applications. Woikoski supplies a large selection of highly refined, e.g. basic gases, various gas mixtures, liquefied gases, dry ice, gases for the food industry, and medical gases.

A new LEWA odorization system was installed into Woikoski’s Pirkkala facility, which allows the company to produce odorized oxygen.

Odorized gas facilitates easy and affordable leak investigation in a gas system. Otherwise the detection of odorless gases is difficult without separate and costly sensors and measuring systems. Undetected gas leaks are a clear safety risk. Leaks can be fixed and, therefore, consumption can be reduced through the smell of gas. Mika Piippo from Woikoski Oy explains that there has been a clear increase in customer demand for odorized gases: ”Odorized oxygen is in particular demand at shipyards, ocean vessels and mines. We did not produce our own odorized oxygen and the gas was procured through our network of partners. Now we can supply odorized oxygen to our customers faster and at a lower cost. The use of odorized oxygen is particularly important in demanding settings where ventilation is poor.” The odorization system installed for Woikoski consists of an outdoor equipment cabinet and a control centre installed alongside filling machinery.

The odorization system is fully automated and it receives its ON/OFF commands from the filling equipment. The LEWA control center controls odorant concentration and the equipment controls the pumping of the odorization chemical based on gas flow.