LEWA ecosmart multiplex: a new multiplex for volume flows up to 1,800 l/h

Ecosmart pumps from LEWA have proved themselves in simple metering applications in water treatment, in refineries, and in food technology, as well as in demanding chemical and petrochemical applications. However, the single head model which is available in four sizes reaches its limits at a maximum volume flow of 300 l/h.

Remedy is provided by the newly developed multiplex design: LEWA worked with experts from NIKKISO to develop the ecosmart multiplex with more flexibility in meeting the requirements. With this new design the four different sizes can be combined with each other and up to six heads can be connected one after the other, resulting in a total conveyed volume of up to 1,800 l/h. A combination of several drive units with identical or differing output reduces pulsation and enables multiple or recipe metering.

Of course, typical LEWA features such as cost effectiveness, high efficiency, hermetic tightness and long service life are preserved.