LEWA intellilab: Newly developed diaphragm pump for micro-flow metering in high-pressure laboratories

For metering tasks in high-pressure laboratories, the highest of precision when conveying defined quantities of material is a must. Piston pumps can withstand the high pressure, but they inherently leak. If hazardous substances have to be metered, the pump has to be airtight in order to avoid problems and guarantee exact upscaling. To address this problem, LEWA has designed the intellilab, a hermetically sealed high pressure small quantity metering pump with mechatronic control for pressures up to 500 bar.

LEWA has renewed the technology of the proven predecessors K3 and K5. The reliable pump technology was retained, and equipped with the latest in drive and control technology, the LEWA intellidrive. This permits highly dynamic regulation of the drive side’s angular velocity so that, in combination with different control structures, the fluid kinematics can be specifically targeted to the needs of the process.

The intellilab is therefore primarily used for exact, reproducible metering in the processes of high pressure synthesis and high pressure hydration.