LEWA offers testing system for metering of blowing agents

LEWA ecofoam is a compact build and hermetically tight system for metering of blowing agents in the production of foamed plastics in combination with extruders. Now, interested parties can rent a LEWA ecofoam system for testing. The system works with many different blowing agents.

In an extrusion process of plastics, different blowing agents are metered. LEWA ecofoam allows exact metering settings. It facilitates quick and direct linkage between metering system and extruder. The metered flow of the blowing agent is controlled relative to the extruder output. The system has already been used successfully in the production of heat insulation panels and food packages.

Now, LEWA offers an ecofoam system for testing. Aside from the metering system, the rent offer contains the control device LEWA smart control and a cooling device with a hose set (for metering of CO2). Motor and field equipment will be supplied in explosion proof design. Therefore, the system can be used in applications either with blowing agents which must be cooled, or with flammable fluids. The system achieves discharge pressures up to 350 bar and flow rates up to 12 l/h.

The ecofoam testing system convinces interested parties of the product’s quality, and the consistently exact metering of the blowing agents. The system can be rented for up to six weeks (after arrangement for even a longer time) at a small fee. Initially, this offer is made for interested parties in Middle Europe.

Are you interested? Please contact Roland Schwab: roland.schwablewade.