Record-breaking order: LEWA supplies major gas project in the Persian Gulf

A plan for the development of two huge offshore gas fields in the Persian Gulf bestows LEWA with the largest order in the history of the company. 40 process diaphragm pumps with skids will be in-stalled on 13 wellhead and two tie-in platforms (drilling and conveyor platforms). The order volume amounts to about 30 million Euros.

After its completion in 2015 the facility will be capable of processing 70 million m³ of ethane, pro-pane, butane, and natural gas per day from the two offshore fields, producing about 50 million m³ of market-ready gas. The potential for demand peaks or in extreme situations is as high as 86 million m³.

The LEWA pumps are designed for a specific task: At pressures of 140 to over 500 bar they will in-ject monoethylene glycol (MEG) and sulfur solvent. The MEG continually circulates between the plat-forms and the glycol regeneration units in the onshore preparation facilities, reducing the emergence of hydrates in the two underwater pipelines. A great challenge is that the sulfur content of the two gas fields is at a significantly higher concentration than in other areas, and starts to solidify at high tem-peratures. To prevent blockage of the pipeline and ensure reliable transport on land, a solvent for the sulfur must be reliably and continuously injected.