Corporate responsibility

As a company, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment and for the future. Because of this, we pay attention to the sustainable orientation of all products and services, the careful treatment of natural resources and honest dealing with our customers, employees and suppliers. In addition, we get involved with numerous athletic, cultural, social and educational projects in our region.

Values determine our actions

The LEWA group attaches great importance to an enduring corporate culture which is determined by values. These values are appreciation of our customers, integrity as a fundament and guideline of all our actions and reliability in everything we do.
All LEWA employees are dedicated to these fundamentals which serve the development of a culture of collaboration between employees, with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Above that LEWA stands for a respectful cooperation and the tolerance of different opinions. Cooperation instead of confrontation is a valuable basis of our daily works as well as strenghtening the personal responsibility of our employees and the sense of equity and fairness.

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Global Code of Conduct of the NIKKISO Group (EN)

This Nikkiso Group Global Code of Conduct (the “GCC”) shall set internal standards of the highest level with respect to compliance. The GCC provides the basic rules that we must observe to enable us to follow our conscience and to contribute to society as corporate citizens.
10 MB | pdf | 12.10.2020


Global Tax Standard of Conduct of the NIKKISO Group (EN)

This Nikkiso Group Global Tax Standard of Conduct (the “Global Tax Standard of Conduct”) sets our internal standards with respect to tax compliance. The Global Tax Standard of Conduct provides the basic rules that we must properly fulfill to meet our tax obligations and to provide appropriate tax transparency so that we can carry out our company‘s social mission and responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
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Globale Verhaltensrichtlinie der NIKKISO Gruppe (DE)

Diese Globale Verhaltensrichtlinie der Nikkiso Group (der „Code of Conduct“) setzt interne Compliance-Standards auf höchstem Niveau. Der Code of Conduct liefert die Grundregeln, die wir beachten müssen, damit wir unserem Gewissen folgen und als Teil des Unternehmens einen gesellschaftlichen Beitrag leisten können
9 MB | pdf | 12.10.2020


Globale Verhaltensrichtlinie für Steuern der NIKKISO Group (DE)

Diese Globale Verhaltensrichtlinie für Steuern der Nikkiso Group (die „Richtlinie“) setzt unsere internen Standards in Bezug auf die Einhaltung von Steuervorschriften. Die „Richtlinie“ legt die Grundregeln fest, die wir erfüllen müssen, um unseren steuerlichen Verpflichtungen nachzukommen und angemessene Steuertransparenz zu bieten, damit wir den gesellschaftlichen Auftrag und die Verantwortung unseres Unternehmens als guter Corporate Citizen erfüllen können.
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Creating fluid Solutions - Company brochure LEWA GmbH

Facts about the LEWA Group - Information about the company, products, industries, applications and technologies.
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Environmental protection at LEWA

By combining engineering expertise at product and system level and due to a deep application knowledge, LEWA is able to develop customer-specific and energy-saving solutions for a wide variety of industries.

We commit ourselves to acting responsible and by means of cost savings with ecofriendly pumps

Environmentally friendly pump systems

LEWA sees it as a part of their corporate responsibility to handle resources sustainably and to protect the environment. This is what our pump systems stand for – with hermetic sealing, high efficiency, and energy-saving drive systems. They permit more environmentally friendly processes and energy-efficient production. Our sign for environmentally friendly pumps: 
The LEWA eco-seal.

We commit ourselves to acting responsible and by means of cost savings with ecofriendly pumps

Eco-friendly production

We commit ourselves to acting responsible and by means of cost savings we assure long-term cost effectiveness, jobs and thus also competitiveness. Moreover we protect the environment. But this responsibility doesn't just stop with our products. We also place great value on environmentally friendly techniques in our own production. We are actively participating in the commercial environmental program ECOfit organized by the state of Baden-Württemberg. This program examines and evaluates waste management, air purity, water use, and energy savings.

We commit ourselves to acting responsible and by means of cost savings with ecofriendly pumps

Blue Competence Initiative

Our understanding of forward-looking sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect and responsibility and encompasses the dimensions of society, ecology and economy. We have a comprehensive understanding of sustainable action according to the definition of the Brundtland Report1 and the definition of the German Council for Sustainable Development2 in Germany.


  • Sustainability is a substantial part of our corporate strategy
  • Through sustainable business models, we create stable values and ensure entrepreneurial success
  • Our technologies and solutions are conducive to sustainable global development


  • Sustainable thought and action is mirrored in our processes and products
  • We spare resources in our actions and promote climate protection
  • Our employees are our most valuable asset. We support dedication and options for getting involved.
  • We promote compliance with human rights


  • Our company is a habitat
  • We assume social responsibility in the regions of our presence
  • We do what we promise to do!


  • We practice active communication with all involved parties
  • We communicate our sustainable activities transparently

Sports support at LEWA

We support the local sports active in various fields. Sports aren't just good for the body. They also improve social competence, team spirit, persistence, and mental fitness and creativity.
These properties are decisive for success in both sports and career.

LEWA is supporting regional sporting teams

TSV Eltingen e.V. - focus on football

The benefit of team sports is that team members learn to respect rules and structures at an early age. They act together, and one can only be successful as a team. Thus social skills are trained through positive experiences. This is what we require from our employees and trainees as well.

Therefore, we support sports club TSV Eltingen and especially its youth soccer teams. Since March 2014, the TSV athletes host their matches and meetings at the LEWA Sportpark. Also located in the club’s facilities is the LEWA Arena, home turf of Eltingen’s soccer players and venue of an annual tournament.

LEWA is supporting regional sporting teams

Men's team handball division of the SG Leonberg/Eltingen sports club in Germany

Without sponsors, success would be difficult to achieve. This applies equally to professionals and to amateurs. To a large extent, it is money from sponsors that provides favorable training conditions and equipment and host events. For this reason, it is an honor for a local company like LEWA to support the SG Leonberg/Eltingen on its way to further success.

LEWA's running team

Leonberg City Run

An event for the whole family. That's the Leonberg City Run, thanks to generous support from sponsors like LEWA.

Sponsorship funds make it possible for runners to enter for very little charge, and schoolchildren to enter entirely free of charge. But the run is also popular for its attractive route through the different parts of Leonberg. Despite all the support for the participants, social responsibility isn't missed out: Every year, the winnings are donated to charity organizations and regional associations.

As a company, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment and for the future of our employees.

LEWA company sports group

Our company sports group, there for more than 40 years.

Sports enthusiasts of all ages from our corporate ranks can come together to satisfy their need for exercise. The international group is always happy to find new members. The training takes place every Tuesday from 5:15 to 6:45 PM in the gymnasium of the August Lämmle School in Leonberg-Ramtel.

Responsibility for our region

The support of children, youth, and disadvantaged members of our society is a matter close to LEWA’s heart. This is why we are involved in numerous social and school projects, around and in Leonberg.

LEWA is supporting regional institutions

These include our support for the Spitalhof nursery as part of the TECHNOlino Project.

For the older kids, there is a cooperation project with the Johannes-Kepler High School. This introduces tenth grade girls to the options of engineering careers by means of demanding projects. In addition, we work together with the DAA (Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie Böblingen) and the BSZ Leonberg vocational school to integrate refugees. By offering internships we help provide occupational orientation and prepare for a career or training.

In music, values and standards are communicated which are also relevant in professional life. Characteristics such as tolerance and creativity are promoted in the same way. That is why LEWA supports the Jugendmusikschule (music school for youth) in Leonberg. Primary school children can participate in an instrumental work group through the project.

The important thing in all this is the reciprocity of the relationships. That means that LEWA offers the funds and support, but simultaneously improves its social competence by contact with different people. After all, this is the reason that involvement in projects is a fixed part of apprenticeship at LEWA.

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